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Lotus Flower Leaf

lotus I

Welcome to my photography.

Hello. Thanks for visiting my photography website.

Artistically, my intention with photography is to capture a spiritual emanation from, or essence embodied within my chosen subjects - whether human, animal, plant, landform, or artifact. I seek magic and beauty through my photography as an antidote to a culture I often perceive as toxic and delusional.

Bill proofing slides on a lightbox.

I hope you enjoy my images, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

  • The photos page has several examples of my work; a selection which will continue to grow.
  • Art Fair showings are posted on the Calendar.
  • If you are interested in my photographic techniques, you can learn more on the process page.
  • Please provide your comments and any inquiries by using the contact page. I love to discuss photography and would happily explain my services as well.